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You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’

– George Bernard Shaw

Does that line portray you? Since we make Cast Stone to your specifications, you tell us what services we need to provide.


There may be a perfectly good reason “Why not”, however, we won’t know until we explore the possibilities. Your willingness to color outside the box gave you the inspiration to see things that never were and ask “Why not?” Our desire for challenge allows us to see through the disguise of hard work to see the opportunity the “Why” people miss.


Our Artisans and Craftsmen were drawn to our company from around the world. We promote the free thinking that comes naturally with a culturally diverse group dedicated to their art and/or their craft. Our daily questioning of methods and activities may lead to improvements or it may again confirm the methods we use as best practice. Our company looks forward to the challenge and opportunity to make a reality of things that were imagined by you.


Medallions, freizes, address blocks, columns, panels, sign panels, ball and pier caps, water table courses, belt and base courses, cornices, window and door surrounds, headers, keystones, arches, entrances, columns, benches, monuments, quoins and coping, etc.

While we have various shapes, sizes and colors that may be common, our product is custom made to your specifications. If you have a logo, emblem, design or vague concept, we have an artist who can make that come to life for you. From individual stones to long production runs, our employees take great care and pride in every item produced at Stone Castle. We know the simplest design is an opportunity to show the beauty of Fine Architectural Cast Stone and an opportunity to measure the exacting attention to detail and quality our company has to offer.

The only reason we have not turned your ideas into reality is because you have not called us to tell us your concept. WHY NOT?

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